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6th Grade Links

TRAILS pre-test

Internet Driver's License

Learn the Net
Step 1: Master the Basics: The Internet Explained
Step 2: Learn  and Review Internet Vocabulary from an Internet Glossary
Step 2: Learn about Netiquette

Skills 2000: World Wide Web

February is Black History Month! 

African American History Biographies

African American Registry (search by name or keyword)

Biography.Com Celebrates Black History Month

Frederick Douglass (Escape from Slavery)

Gale Black History Month

Harriet Tubman

The Legacy of George Washington Carver

Martin Luther King Jr. & Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Seattle Times

Post Gazette - Black History Month
Includes Bessie Coleman, Wilma Rudolph, Ida Wells, William DuBois

Time line of Civil Rights Movement ( 

Time line of the American Civil Rights Movement (InfoPlease)

African American Odyssey (Library of Congress)

African American History Additional Sites
American Slave Narratives

Brown vs. Board of Education

Brown vs. Board of Education Court Case

Brown vs. Board of Education Museum

Jim Crow Laws

New York Public Library Images of AfricanAmericans

Slavery in America Encyclopedia (History ofSlaveryin America)

Underground Railroad

Baseball Project

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I Have a Plan Iowa

Earth History

Birthstones, Gems, Minerals
   Birthstone Collection
    Amethyst Galleries' MineralGallery
    Mineral  &Gemstone Kingdom
   Geography 4Kids Earthquakes

    Understanding Earthquakes
    How Stuff Works Tsunami   
    Welcome to Tsunami
    Volcano World
    Volcanoes of the World

Inventors & Scientists

Hero Timeline
Internet Public Library Scientist &Inventors
Inventors' Biographies
Scientists' Biographies

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RADCAB Overview


 Why should we evaluate websites?

Boilerplate robot
Civil War Facts
Civil War Camps
Dangers of Bread
Web Sites for Relevance ShowDog

Dog Owner's Guide
Web Sites for Appropriateness UC Davis
Web Sites for Details

Dog Owner's Guide

World'sWorst Website

Web Sites for Currency & Authority

Pet Website Dog
Dog Owner's Guide
About Dogs
Web Sites to Determine Purpose & Bias
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Land's End
Web Sites for Bias United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Holocaust Encyclopedia

Institute for Historical Review

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