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Eagle Grove Community School District
Band Karate
Band Karate is an achievement system designed to not only give students an incentive to practice above and beyond the daily music, but also allows recognition for less advanced skill levels.

As the student advances in belt levels, they will master techniques in scale patterns, tempo, accurate counting, and the assimilation of those skills. Each rank builds upon the skills of the previous rank, but does not have too many requirements to seem unattainable. By the time the student advances, they will nearly have the skills required for the next, and with a little dedicated practice, will be able to keep rising.

There will be additional awards regardless of rank, that are offered for contributions to the band, or their own personal development. Such things considered would be, Attending an honor band, Attending a clinic, camp, or class away from EGHS, Serving as a student leader in the section or similar role, Participating in a small group or similar ensemble, Being in Jazz band, Taking Private Lessons outside of school, and other similar activities.

Band Karate WILL NOT replace the current Varsity Letter system, it simply acts as a way for students to be recognized  in a different way, and to encourage above and beyond practicing.

Each rank lists the requirements for the next rank, i.e. the skills listed at White Belt need to be mastered to achieve the Yellow Belt, and so on.

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